On Thursday afternoon the Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets agreed to a trade that sent shockwaves through the NBA — and that hit particularly hard in the Beal household.

The Wizards traded Bradley Beal’s long-time teammate in Washington, John Wall, to the Houston Rockets in exchange for another All-Star Russell Westbrook. After news of the trade broke, Brad took to Instagram to pay tribute to his “brother” Wall and their eight years together as teammates.


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Brad also spoke about the trade during his meeting with the media on Friday afternoon.

“John left tremendous, tremendous impact on the city of D.C. [and] he left a tremendous impact on me and my family,” Brad said. “I get emotional but it was tough man because he’s a brother…and you realize that relationship was so, so strong, but it was so crazy because a lot of people tried to break us apart. A lot of people tried to pull us apart, put us against each other, and it was just always crazy because when we came together and had those conversations, [it] was the total opposite of what everybody was making into rumors.”

Watch Brad discuss it in full below.