Bradley Beal arrived in Phoenix on Thursday with as much pomp and circumstance as an upcoming Independence Day celebration. Now the real work begins.

No. 3 was officially introduced as the newest member of the Phoenix Suns in a press conference, where he spoke at length about the decision to part ways with the Wizards after 11 seasons, getting a chance to play with superstar players in Phoenix, and the ultimate goal, to bring a Larry O’Brien Trophy to the desert for Suns fans that have long craved a championship.

“I’m excited about it. You have a lot of dynamic scorers who, the biggest box that we all check is our unselfishness. All of us just want to compete, we want to play hard, and the biggest thing, we want to win,” Brad said. “I’m super ecstatic that every single day I have a chance to play in a meaningful game. That’s one of the biggest decisions that impacted me coming here. Knowing that every single night I’m going to be in an important game…I’m excited to be able to play with two Hall of Famers. I’ve never done that….We’re all focused on one goal and we’re gonna do everything in our power to try to achieve that thing.”

Watch the whole press conference below.