Bradley Beal is amid the biggest year of his NBA career on the court, and the Washington Wizards star is also doing some big things off of it.

No. 3 recently spoke with Joshua Vinson of FOX Sports Radio 1340 about his new website (the one you’re on right now), and the plans he has for his new personalized communication tool.

“It gives you a perspective of my life a little bit,” Brad said. “For me, I incorporate the team and do it a little differently. I have a blog so everybody’s in tune to what’s going on in our locker room, what’s going on on our road trips, how we’re playing as a team, our camaraderie and then me individually, my family, my friends and everything that’s going on in my life so it keeps everybody engaged and in tune outside of social media. It’s kinda old school and you can visit it and get good content off of there.”

Through the site, Brad hopes to reach out to fans in a more personal way, showing them that there’s more to his personality than being a quiet, reserved guy who can go bucket-for-bucket with anyone in the league.

“That’s exactly why I did it because a lot of people say ‘Oh, you’re quiet, you’re a down to earth guy, you don’t say much.’ It’s a way for me to kinda step out of my comfort zone a little bit and show people who I am,” Brad said. “I’m interactive, I’m a cool guy and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m happy I’m finally able to do it.”

Finally, No. 3 was asked if he thought other players should follow suit.

“I feel like they should because it’s a platform,” BB said. “Everybody has a platform we can use and I’m gonna take full advantage of it. There’s still a lot more stuff that I’m gonna do with my website, promote my brand a little bit more and then on top of that, man, a million other things. I have a foundation I plan on doing and I have my AAU team, so there’s a lot of stuff that I have backing it and I have planned for it so I definitely encourage other guys to do it because it keeps you engaged with the world, it keeps the world in tune to what you’re doing and like I said before it’s a huge platform we all have whether we accept it or not, we’re NBA players and our faces are always seen so it’s kinda giving the people what they want.”