What you put into your body makes a difference—especially if you’re a professional athlete. Even if it means cutting back on the sweets.

That’s what Brad revealed in an article with the Washington Post.

When he came to the Washington Wizards, Bradley Beal was a teenage NBA lottery pick. And he ate like one. Junk food and candy occupied too much of his food pyramid. He and brother-in-backcourt John Wall, who fueled his rookie year on Honey Buns and Funyuns, shared that much in common.

Things changed this season. It’s probably a stretch to link it to his improvements this year, but a better diet can’t be a bad thing.

I’m eating the right foods. I don’t eat junk food as much as I used to anymore. I used to always say I have a high metabolism, but I’m getting older. My weight’s been fluctuating a little bit,” Beal said. “I’m a big sweets guy. I love Skittles. I love Reese’s. Chocolate. I probably couldn’t tell you the last time I had one, to tell you the truth. It’s a mental challenge. It’s a discipline thing. If I want to be healthy, I got to cut some stuff out.