What’s up everybody. A few weeks back, I tried something a little different and asked you to submit questions on social media for a mailbag. You guys did not disappoint! I got a ton about a variety of topics, so many that we’re definitely going to be doing these on a regular basis moving ahead.

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On to your questions…

I didn’t feel any pressure. I felt more pushed than anything else. I was more goal-oriented, and hungry, so to speak. I credit my success, obviously to God and then to my health. I knew as long as I had a healthy year I could showcase what I was capable of.

I feel like I’m always answering this one. John and I feel like we are. We play on both ends of the court. We compete our tails off. We come out and showcase our talents. We’re confident in ourselves. We’re not going to say another backcourt is better than us. It’s just not how we’re made. We believe in ourselves, we’re confident in ourselves. That’s just how we are.

I feel like D.C. is a sports town. It’s a true sports town. They love their teams. They show love and support. They want success and they’re really passionate about it. I think that’s what I love the most. So they’re very supportive. But they’re down to earth. I feel like we have some really good fans.

That’s always an unbelievable feeling. I’m still kind of in awe of it, to be honest. When I see that, it makes me that much more appreciative of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. And it also makes me what to work harder for sure. I’m trying to get better constantly and give kids a reason to wear my jersey.

I’m still laying out my own goals, but as far as the team goes, we want to reach the Eastern Conference Finals and the NBA Finals and win a championship. We’re going to do everything in our power to do so.

Everything. Every little thing I can. Nothing I do is perfect. I’m looking to get stronger. Definitely working on my ball-handling and my shooting, being able to shoot threes off the dribble a little bit better. Catch and shoot better. And my lateral quickness to be able to guard quicker guys, guard point guards and defend multiple positions. Just want to improve my strengths and definitely improve my weaknesses as well.


A lot, I’ve been working with Drew since my junior year of high school and each year I’ve gotten better. I’m still working with him to this day, so that says it all. In fact, for those who asked about my shooting and workout routine if you follow @PureSweat on Twitter, I guarantee you’re going to find pretty much every drill that I do.

Almost everybody that plays or has played my position. I’m constantly watching film, trying to learn and take things out of their book and apply it to my game the best way I can. Because my game isn’t a finished product and there are other guys who’ve played my position who are very skilled and talented, so whenever I can take some things from what I see watching other guys, I’m taking full advantage of that.

I would say Allen Iverson. I loved AI because he always had a chip on his shoulder, always wanted to play hard. He just loved basketball and had a huge passion for it. His swag to the game was unbelievable. I felt like he brought culture to the game. He brought a lot of things a lot of kids look up to. He’s part of the reason I wear number 3. I was also a huge fan of his game, the way he could score the ball, the way he could facilitate and get guys involved. He was unbelievable for me and definitely my favorite player.

Thanks for all the questions, everyone! If you have questions or ideas for a future mailbag or blog, please post them in the comments below!