Just a Number

We're in the playoffs. Yes, we're the eighth seed. Yes, we have nobody to blame but ourselves for our positioning. At the end of the regular season, we were really sluggish. But at the end of the day, we're in the playoffs, and a seed is just a number. Everybody's out here to compete. [...]

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I actually heard the news from Kamiah. They didn't officially announce it until Tuesday night on Players Only on TNT. But she called me Tuesday morning because she was reading an article saying I was definitely on the NBA All-Star team. She actually called me crying, then told me the news and that she [...]

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We came into this year with high expectations. As of this writing, we're about a sixth of the way through the season and we kind of have mixed feelings about where we stand. We don't have the record that we want to have. We feel like we should be a lot better. But at [...]

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This summer has been a whirlwind, especially around the Eastern Conference. Things are quite different in a lot of places than they were when we left the court last spring. I was honestly surprised by a lot of what went on, the signings and especially the trades. The dynamic of the league is changing [...]

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Tonight, the lives of 60 basketball players are going to change completely at the NBA Draft. It happened to me just five years ago, and I remember it vividly. Being a part of the draft process is so exciting. For me, and for every guy who is getting drafted, it's a lifelong dream. It's [...]

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Stopped Short

Since our season ended, I've finally had some time to decompress, and reflect on our postseason run. I've gone through a lot of emotions over the past couple of weeks. There's a lot to talk about. REVENGE IN ATL I'll start with the series in Atlanta. It took a lot out of us to [...]

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The Playoffs Are Coming

I wanted to start off by thanking everyone for the support and the feedback on my first blog entry. It seemed like everybody really loved it. One reaction I found was that people were surprised that I was interested in writing, and it’s definitely something where I’m kind of stepping outside of my shell [...]

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A New Day in D.C.

Welcome to the first blog post on my new web site. I’m excited to be doing this, and to be giving you my perspective on how things are going on the court and off it on a regular basis. In the future, I’ll be writing about everything from the influence of my family to [...]

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